BMW 3 Series

First car model ever.

nice start, you need to work on it’s edges… some are wonky.

Like which ones? You can take the image and circle where you mean, if you like.

Redo buttons are our friends. Blender does not have one. It really needs one for when I accidentally undo too far back.

Okay, I pinpointed some of the wonky lines you were talking about, but I’m not sure if I got them all. Also added the black rim around the windows, but I’m not sure how to make it fade into the glass. Split the side doors from each other. Just need to split them from the vehicle itself. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that, but I think I’ll figure it out. Pointers on how are always welcome. Can’t get that stupid divot out of the hood, though. It’s not supposed to dip like that. I don’t know why it’s doing it. Fixed the side mirrors so they’re more rounded off square and less…block sticking out of the side of the car. Not sure if I’m getting the paint right though. I dunno. Maybe it’s just because it’s red and there’s no environment.

Separated the doors and semi-finished them. Adjusted some lines so the doors curve more naturally. Something wonky about the windshield, but I’m not sure what.

try to use less faces to let the sub_surf do it’s job that way the mesh is easier to manage. i can see a lot that’s off with the car make sure your comparing with lots of images of the car often, not just off the reference itslef. to redo CTRL+SHIFT+Z :D.

I’m actually not using that many faces. The most amount of faces anywhere on this car is on the side mirrors, because they have so much curve. Otherwise, there’s not really that many faces on the car.

I love how people always point out that they can see something wrong, but won’t tell me what. Tell me! This is my first car so I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing.

Thanks for the redo, though! :smiley: I was starting to really frustrate myself.

np, i wanna help so what year is this car? (so i can compare with the right pictures). it’s a good idea to put some wire frame renders up there as well.

It’s a BMW 2011 328i Sedan.

Best reference I’ve found is here. I just use screen captures to get the angle that I want into my background, but I’m mainly using a blueprint and referring to this when I need a particular detail figured out.

Different angle to show the grill and almost completed front.

i put a few line over the top so you can get a better idea of the shape. it was awkward to get the wheel arch but it shows that its fairly flat but has a slight crease instead of a dent.

edit: i still think you should cut down on the faces it makes the job of getting the shape right and it’s easier to remove any bumps.

Guess I pushed that part in too far. Thanks!

It’s not the same angle, but does that look better?

There’s a better angle.


it still needs pulling out alot behind the arch, it needs a smooth curve from the edge of the arch to where the rear lights are going to be.

Tried to do the line like you asked, but I had a little difficulty. Anyway, I added more to it and fixed the grill because I noticed I had too many chrome bars. Managed to get rid of most of the dent in the hood, but there’s still this stubborn little line. The lower grill was a pain in the butt. Diamond patterns are hard!

:emme know what you think.