Bmw 335i- who wanna critic some cars modeling

hello guys , I want to know if you think that reander is good, to know if it finished , else if you have any CRITICS I’ll be happy to hear from you, :smiley:


It would be helpful if did the following:

  1. mentioned what model of BMW you are modeling marque and chassis number e.g. bmw z4 e89, this makes it easier for references to compare your model to. If it is a factory model or a modified model.

  2. show some wire frame shots of your car it impossible to crit or comment on cars if one can’t see the wires.

for this shot I would also cut done on the glow it currently looks a bit overdone.

For me i would definitely cut down on the glow, especially on the top of the car because it almost looks like the car is the source of light instead of reflecting it. Second, although the model looks great as far as i can tell, the scene is lacking. You might want to try putting it in a showroom, on a road, etc, because right now theres not much to look at. I like the noisy reflections you’ve got on the floor, so if your going to do a showroom idea i would definitely keep that! Overall, great job and I cant wait to see how this progresses!

Edit: One more thing, I looked a little closer at the car and i noticed that on the side windows one half looks very noisy and grey and the other half looks almost completely clear, not sure if you meant for that but if not you might want to try and clean that up a little bit

thanks guys I’m woking in it

okey ,here is the progress


modeling is so hard guys :eyebrowlift2:


are you making you own version of this car? Or are you trying to make a realistic version of the bmw 335i. If this is supposed to be a realistic BMW than you are really off and I would suggest starting over again. But this time gather blueprints and lots of highres photos. You need to slow down and seriously pay attention to what you are doing

no , actually I decided to make the referance just something to build on .