BMW 4 Series M Sport

BMW 4 series Coupé M Sport.
Blender, Cycles, Substance Painter, Photoshop CS6


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Great stuff. Love the look of those brake pads behind the rims.

I showed this to someone
And they thought it was a photo
Great job

That’s right. I thought it was a photo in the first sight if no one told me.

Great work, dude!

how many stars could I give you?

I’ll start with 5!!!

Really really fantastic!!!
Just a little suggestion: the tyre contact patch seems too clean…a bit of dirt on hit…too refletive.
Apart this…wonderful

Amazing! Just add the BMW logo on the image, and it’s an official BMW Commercial shot :wink:

Very good work
5 stars for you

Wire view please.

Great piece!!

Awesome job!

Excellent Job!

I love the car paint shader!!!

Wow! Beautiful render. The reflections are perfect and the colors are very well composed.
Did you use an HDRI for the lighting?

Very nice job! I like this one. It stands out from most on this forum.

It looks amazing. The only minor criticism I have is that the model looks a little too bright compared to the background, especially underneath the car. Other than that, it looks like a image straight out of a BMW car commercial!

Perfect model… Awesome render.

very clean model! Epic rims bro, great details
Guess speed bumps will be a problem for this fellow :wink:

I cannot tell if this is modeled in Blender or a CAD model !
Is everything rendered?

Could you clarify this?

Pretty fantastic work!

Thank you so much for the great comments guys!

The base car model was purchased as the entire exercise was one of rendering and composition. The wheels however are my own, the tires, rims, brakes, modeled by myself.

The backdrop is a photo taken by a good friend of mine, so I did my best to fit the car into the scene nicely. I like how it turned out, I spent many hours tweaking the car paint, composition, colours, lighting, materials, etc. Along with a few spotlights and area lights, I used an HDRI from Greg Zaal, part of one of the packages.