BMW 8 series model ! tiny problem

hi guys:cool: i’m making a BMW 8 series model:RocknRoll: and im having a problem while smoothing my planes… when i click on smooth button (example for the hood) im getting places where it is black and dark and it ruining the whole design… i tried changing some vertexes but still no use.

does anyone know the reason for this problem? and how can i get rid of them? :confused:


i hate the same problem…are all of your verts at the edge of your hood not connected to anything else or have no depth?


This might be a normals problem try selecting all the hood
and hitting CTRL-N this and answer yes to recalculate normals

If this fails look for extra verts/edges that may have crept in during
modelling. Remove Doubles in the Mesh Tools panel.

Hope this helps? If not post the blend and we can work on it from

Kindest Regards,


thanks man it did the trick ! im finish wth the body now i just ned to make rims and tires… do u know where could i get blueprints for them? or any tips ? i just cant find any blueprint for rims



Glad you got it fixed, could you show some wires? would like to see your
modelling approach.

No ideas on blueprints unfortunately, but my suggestion would be to search
google images for some front on and angled photo reference images and
guestimate the dimensions.

If you have blue prints from the body maybe they can give you diameter?

Also have a look at this tutorial:
and also some useful stuff can be found here:

Let me know how you get on…



thanks man for the sources, i didnt do the tires yet cz no time

what do u mean wires? i dont know blender keywords cz im kinda new to it

im having another problem … im not able to color my windsheild ( i hav made the windsheild and the top with one plane) everytime select the vertecies of the windsheild and color the whole plane is beeing colored including the top/roof) any tips?



Sorry if I was unclear. In 3D when someone asks for ‘wires’ what they
really mean is a Wireframe render/screenshot so that the topology
can be viewed.

In Blenders 3D viewport you will find a button at the far right of the header
(image attached) press this to render your current view. When done goto
the file menu and select ‘Save Rendered Image’

I have attached an example of a lighter top.

When it comes to multiple materials you should really read the Wiki
page on this subject:

Also a video tutorial if you hate reading: