BMW 850 CSi Modelling Timelapse

My current project.

^^ That is current state of the car. Videos have been made till that point, just need to be rendered (it takes quite a while).

I LOVE your car choice! Being a big BMW fan, I cant wait to see this classic car being modeled so please post a lot of updated. And thanks for making the timelapse, thats I really appropriate that.


Glad you like it! One of my fav bimmers as well. I’m afraid though I won’t be able to progress too much because of my finals… but fortunately not all exams are yet. Anyways, here’s part 2!

And I’ll try to finish the bumper today if I can, but I don’t think so…

EDIT: Done this little bit today, going to sleep now. Tomorrow I’ve some tests to prepare so don’t expect activity from me.

Exams are important stuff, no need to apologize for putting a hobby a bit down the priority list when you have exams.
Thanks again for sharing your work process, and best of luck to you with your finals :slight_smile:

Looks nice, you seem to have a good eye for the topology. Good luck on your finals.

Thanks! Fortunately videos render themselves, so here’s next part.

When i look at your modelling, i must admitt that you have perfect flow ad i will take it as inspiration for my modelling.


Thanks, great to hear that! So it’s Saturday today and I finally had some time… Things are getting a bit complicated in modelling though, the blueprints, as always, are not perfect (although I adjusted everything in Gimp) and there’s quite a mismatch by the rear corner. Anyways, here’s half of today’s work.

And here below is current state of the car.

EDIT: Here some clay render with wheel arch highlights done as well. Hope they’re ok!

I just had a greatly productive day, and basic body shape is done. It still needs some tweaking, of course, but I think it’s pretty decent as of yet. As you see, I did some paint test to check out reflections and imo it needs little tweaks. Will be posting videos soon.

Also I have to check that trunk… I think that reflection is just a coincidence but I’ll check it…

Here goes Part 5. Will upload more parts if I have time today.

This was my favorite bmw way back when it first came out.
looking good

Apparently many people like this car… And I thought I was weird, lol. Anyways, part 6 and less go to bed.

How can you NOT like the 850i? Great looking, good muscle (At the time it came out), luxury and good driving abilities…

More timelapse, great :slight_smile:

Totally agree! It’s just that among the people I know little know about the 8 series’ existence. I did some retopo today and did some advance. Apart from changing carpaint, let’s see if you can spot what have I exactly done today (compare with last image). There’s one main difference, but there’s more than that. I’m afraid the front wheel arch highlight still needs work though. Will be upping vids today if I have time left after studying.

great modeling! where did you learn to model?

It is those edges. you have given it that thickness look

You have also added in the area for the mirrors extruded the front end in and I believe raised the door a little bit

@ulufresher - Right in my house. Just watch modelling tutorials. I recall Andrew’s tutorial on modelling a spaceship explanes the concept of having a nice topology very well. Then on it’s just finding out how to use the tools Blender gives you to make the process easier.

@azzaisme - Yes, I’ve added thickness and began with the mirror stems and did a couple of other things in the front, but didn’t move the door though.

aaaaaaaand part 7!

I haven’t done much really, but, hell, it’s Monday and I’m quite tired now… and there are still 4 exams to go… So this is all for today.

Looks good so far. I’m seeing a dent on the rear of the car on the render above, or is it just me? Anyway, the rest of the model looks good, keep it up. :slight_smile: