BMW Drive anim (WIP)

Created this a few months ago as a modeling exercise the video below is a WIP though, enjoy!
Blender version 2.81.


bravo this is very good. i wish i could model cars like this. anyway this animation is awesome. my only comment is there is a bit too much camera movement. not the rotation around the car, thats fine. the ups and downs effect or whatever you call it. other than that its awesome.

do you have tips for car modeling or tutorials. or know where i can learn it

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Yes and Yes, this tutorial is particularly good

Also on YouTube you can search Car Modeling in Blender but they aren’t as good as the above.

Pro tip is keep your poly count down, crease your edges with an “edge weight” (“edge weight” they called it in Maya I don’t remember what they call it in blender) don’t use edge loops to sharpen edges it only makes things harder.

Other then that the CG Masters Tut is one of the best and is a great crash course into blender if you aren’t new to 3D but if you are new to 3D check out my channel I post beginner tuts. Also see Andrew Price’s or Ian Hubert’s or CG cookies channel they posts great beginner tuts. (mine) (Andrew price) (Ian Hubert) In case you are reading this Ian, this is a shout out to my peer!

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Thanks @Jeremiah_M for all the tips. I purchased cg masters car modelling and you just reassured me their course is the best. I wouldnt consider myself a beginner in blender as i know my way around its tools to a large extent but. My noobness comes in the cg world in general. So thank you for your tips.

Yes i know ian with his famous lazy tuts and cg cookie and mr price of course they are all great…

I hope to keep this convo going as i would like to update u on my progress and receive ur feedback

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Yes, please I would love to see your progress, and help anyway I can. Recently I just helped an artist build the corona virus for a VR experience. so sure post it.

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