bmw e21 jägermeister

not my first model, but my first car :wink:

c&c always wellcome

That’s a good car. I especialy like the texturing. However, I don’t think it is presented as well as it could be. The overall orange color clashes with the greenish background, which is kind of ugly. Don’t get me wrong, the model is great, but often even the best model can be ruined if the presentation isn’t as polished as it could be. (I should know) %|

Nice car. As Rocketman said, work more on the background.
The textures are too blurry, try to get sharper ones.

really nice.
How are the rims? is it only a texture or you model?

really nice first car.

Agreed. Try setting Filter value to 0 (or as close to 0 as you can).

Scene is… Awful. sorry.

:o :o :o
I have modelled that car, but still unfinished. Your model is perfect, compliments.

Very well done indeed.

I too agree about the BG/presentation though. Could be much improved.


It seems to rely too much on the textures for detail, especially around the rims and headlights. I think the detail in those areas should be modelled in.

thanx a lot for all your comments.

i make some chnages to the texturing, to make them sharper and try to set a scene … not very effective:

the shadows of the track are horrible and i dont know if the reflections on the side of the car a result of the surface ore to havy ao settings … and something is wrong with the headlights.

all parts of the car a modeled:

some other shots:

and this is the beginning of the project:

i want to model a slot car track … and the bmw should be the slot car … and now i try to get them together, dont missing the details of the car … please, do you have some suggestions, to get them together???

(maybe this thread should be change to the “works in progress”)

I got a wacky idea. What if you modeled a real room in which you put your awesome car and track? The track could be on carpet, there could be toys laying around to liven up the scene and the lighting could be achieved via window or perhaps with a lamp on the roof. The room doesn’t have to be too detailed, just enough to give lighting and the scene a little punch.

Where’d you get your blueprints from?
Follow any tutorials?

Also anyone know of any good helicopter blueprints?

Ask and all will be revealed…

The car doesnt suit the slot car track, IMHO, i think you were better off with the studio style renders.

LoL Traitor. I was expecting a link to Evolution Blueprints (which is apparently down right now). Joke caught me off guard lol. I am defenitely keeping this link for some of my friends who this situation apply to lol.

The idea of a slot car track is awesome. A great scene, the car fits perfectly. and original too. Rather than seing another car model well see something in a totally different perspective.


Heh looks like a space ship… But i like it

i have a 1985 bmw 533i, looks exactly like this…

powerful little car, 200 hp.

I actually do fiberglass work, would you mind if i build a body kit by your design?

Little harsh. :frowning:

I’ve tried google.
Just wondered if there was like a good blueprint site that all you elysiun users use.
Evolution Blueprints sounds pretty good. Is it this?

Also I really like your car jack russel, but yes, needs better background.
Just proves that a low post count doesn’t always mean crap work.

@ BeBraw:

thanx for your nice idea … but i decided to follow traitor’s suggestion and have made a studio render.

@ redbyte:

blueprints for example:

and now, my really final render: