BMW i8 in The City

I posted this a day ago, maybe more, but i added quite a bit. I did a render at 300 but i will render it far better when its finished. If anyone wants to say anything about it (criticize) that would be much appreciated.


Looks good! But maybe some micro displacement on the cobblestone would make it pop a bit more. In general I really like it!

You should update the original thread rather than post a new one with each update :slight_smile:

As far as the scene itself goes, it looks like night time, but I can see light and shadow from what looks like a sun. If I remember from your original post, you were going for sunset? If that’s still the case, then you should definitely try and work on the lighting more. Sunsets give off a lot of color - oranges, reds, purples etc…Use a HDR image if you can find one (there are many free ones about) or you can create a gradient environment with the colors to ‘fake’ it. Also, focus should probably be more on the car than anything. Atm, we see more of the buildings than the car. Get in a bit closer if you can, show off your model!

Yes, i’m still going for a sunset. I do have a hdri in my scene, but i probably need to change the brightness then. Moving the car forward sound good.

 HAHA! ok, ill remember to update it next time, thanks for the tip.;)

Thanks for your feedback!

I haven’t heard of a micro displacement, but i’m sure i can google that.

Thanks for your comments!

Not sure if it’s going to work but just a little bit of motion blur would be probably something I would try there to make it more alive.

I have a slight bit on the wheels, but i assume you mean to put it on the car itself. That sound like a good idea, but i might lose some detail in the model.

I’ll give it a try
Thanks for the comment!

The car looks great! For the background have you tried something more abstract or minimal?
I think this would bring the focus more to the car and would help the picture.

are you rendering in cycles or BI ( ireccomend cycles)
also the setting and lighting looks bad. the lighting is very bland and the setting would be better as a composite.
Link :

the model also dosent look like an i8. the i8 genarally has a lower ride and the front is longer also the car is wider.

Your composition for your scene is also bad. your eyes dont rest on the car model, even though it isdirectly n front of the camera. try the rule of thirds, matching it up to the car wheels. also a DOf would suit nicely.

See this as an example:

your shaders are bad, they dont look like car paint. if you are using cycles, use a diffuse and a glossy and the factor as fresnel.

the scene is too dark as well
also the lamp posts look a bit too thick

although the leaves are a nice touch.
I think this could be a great scene with a bit of work

My wip:

I have done a different render befor, that showed off the car. I was going for more of a story in this render, but i could try something else. Here is the post with my bmw a while ago ( )

Thanks for the reply!

@Yusuf Raja: I am rendering in Cycles, and the reason the light looks bad is because i SUCK at lighting. that was one of the main reasons for this render, to help my lighting skills. The reason I think model might look off to you is the angle, but I will try to fix that. The car is also supposed to look like it is moving/ skidding, i’m not sure if i can get the wheels to face the camera. I will give that Depth of field a whirl. This is an updated version.

Thanks for the Comments!!! They are extremely Helpful!

A really quick way to fix materials is to just use someone elses.
Such as these:
i find it really useful.
i think that you should scrap trying to model enviroments and use a composite, although if you do want to, you should make sure that it is convincing.
Eg: i had an attempt last year when i was new to blender, and it was crap:
However i did use somebody elses car paint material.

Youll learn in time. my advice is watch as many tutorials as you can, then learn.
eg: my first big scene is still in progress: i would like if you took a look ang gave some critique:

My wip:…54-Future-city

OK, thank ill give it a try… i’ve never done a composite. Thanks! and the material thing is great!

I got some different materials, which made the car look a lot nicer… Changed the lighting a bit, and changed the view angle. PLEASE criticize!

Thanks! hope you like it.

The car is looking very good. The one problem with the scene is that the car looks very realistic, but the buildings look fake. The colors make the scene feel fake. You should look at Andrew prices understanding color video., and choose you colors wisely.

ok, ill check it out. Thanks!

I watched a few tutorials recommended by you guys and this is what i came up with. It looks better, but still slightly off.
I love all your Critiques! Please keep them up!

Thanks TONS!

Better! Car looks more defined. I’d still like to see more of the car. IMO, the background should be, well…a background element. You don’t even have to move the car, just bring the camera in a little closer. Thing that stands out about background now is scale! I always try and model things in real world scale. Looks like a model village atm with a toy car. That’s because the street texture is perhaps too big right now, and could probably do with being scaled down a bit. Lamp posts aswell look odd. Maybe too thick, base too wide?

The leaves and the road texture with the little puddles look really nice! What setting do you have your HDR on? It looks quite low. Maybe 1 or 2? Try cranking it up to about 5-10 and see what happens.

Some really good progress made here though. Keep going :smiley:

Can only agree on peters’ statements. The village feels very “overwatch” and the scalings dont seem right . Maybe collect some city / sunset pictures and assemble them into a moodboard. With this you will have a clearer understanding what you want it to look like and can keep working more focused. I allthough would recommend to put additional lights on the car (like a three point lighting), your hdri is only your ambient light. (and you can cranck up the hdri value as well and put lights in the windows or turn up your streetlamps)
keep it going mate

Ok you should try moving the camera up a bit, you are seeing too much of the floor.
the main focus of your scene should be the car so adding a really high DOF would help.

here is some ref:

especially these: