BMW i8 In The City

I have been working on this for about 2-3 days, and it has finally hit its last legs. I am going for photorealism, and i feel like im just not there yet.

Give me your thoughts, They can be as harsh as you want.


It looks like a plastic toy for me so I guess something is wrong with materials. Some areas like in the middle at the bottom of front bumper seems to be one solid part which make it look like toy even more. Black 100% opaque glass isn’t realistic unfortunately :frowning:

So i should make the bumper more separated underneath the license plate? and make the glass see through. i don’t have an interior, so i was trying to make that work. i guess i gotta make that then:(. and it sounds like your saying i need to make my material less reflective.

Thanks, i’ll work on that.

Well… I’d say more reflective ;p I’m not sure what’s wrong with that material but it really looks like plastic IMO. There’s a bunch of tutorials on YT so maybe try one of these. Or try matt car paint - it’s also great idea.
But I suggest to focus more on modeling. Yes make the separation between all parts more visible. Real car body is made of many pieces so if you want to make it look real just do the same thing. That’s not all about bumper there’s more areas which need to be fixed. Pillars should be separated but they’re not. Behind the door should be separation.
Now I noticed mirrors are very small.
If you’re lazy (we all are) try to use shadow, make interior really dark so you don’t need to texture all that stuff inside.
There is a lot of small issues but I hope you’ll deal with it. I belive you can do this ;D

Thanks, I have been trying to work on the paint… but the mirrors are actually that size on the real car. I dont know what you meen by pillars or the door, but ill get the model looking better

This is what my car looked like about a week ago… just to make you laugh.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t know what is pillar check wikipedia
It is separated part in almost every sigle car and i8 is not exception. The same with that part on the side at bottom of car body between the whells (not sure how is it called) - that’s what I mean by “area behind the door” because this part in i8 is very high behind the doors. I hope it’s clear now. I think it’s worth to study construction of car body and see how all these parts are mounted toghether.
I found a few references of i8 and I’m sure the mirror is off. You placed it on pillar, but in i8 it’s mounted on the door below the window. And it is much bigger than in your model. You model is not 1:1 which is ok but may be problematic.

Yeah, that makes sense thanks for clearing that up.
Ok, ill give the reference a few checks.


In my opinion something’s wrong with the scale of tiles on the road. They seem way too big in relation with the rest of the scene. Materials on the car look too metallic right now (at least to my taste :wink:

Ok, thanks ill go figure out the scale of those so i can make it right

Here is a render i did today at 400 samp. It has clear windows, and a changed the body sty to a more popular one.

Hey everyone! I changed the lighting, and gave a few extra details.

I love to here your opinions! thanks!
ps… i’m trying to make top page!

This was rendered at 100 samp. tell me if you need higher samples

I have changed the angle, and the lighting of the scene. Tell me what you think.

New angle is much better, and scale is too. Still go back to the lighting though. You say you’ve changed the lighting, but I can’t really see a whole lot of difference. What is your lighting set-up currently?

My lighting setup is composed of 2 sun lamps, and an hdri, it also has a area lamp across the horizon. all of them have sight variation in color, but all extremely close. the first sun is pointed almost flat to the ground and has a 2.00 for power. The second has a 34° angle, and has a power of .40 . The area has a 20.00 power, and is parallel to the cars side. Before I had just one lamp, and an hdri which didn’t have any lighting across the back houses.

I’m glad you like the angle more though

I also changed the color from Orange to more of a yellow, do you think one looks better than the other?

Sorry this reply took so long, I’m canoeing and haven’t had much a chance.


No worries, canoeing sounds like fun! Would you be able to upload the .blend? May be easier to point you in the right direction

yeah… no problem. It wouldn’t let me add the file, I think its to large, but what do i know;). here is a link to the google drive file. I will be posting another update soon.


You know what… i have a lot of textures and modifiers. You wont have those, and that might be hard.

Sorry that took so long for this update. I went back to scratch on the lighting, and changed the hdri. Tell me what you think.


I only added roughness to the brick, and changed the grill. It made the lighting look better surprisingly!
Please criticize…

1st ) I love the model !
2nd) Yes, it looks way better than in the beginning of the thread now.
3rd) The floor looks a little… off, maybe try to make the brick texture that you are using bigger.
4th) the photorealism is missing, maybe try to work on the materials more
5th) Have a look at filmic blender if you aren’t using it already, you have a lot more control on the exposure, gamma, contrast, etc. of your render with it