BMW i8 - Shading

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i have finished modeling the modeling of this beauty, now to some shading.

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Time for another car, this time it’ll be a BMW I8, i was going with the Huracan (lamborghini) but then i changed my mind.
this car has a great futuristic-like shape (a bit complexe), this will be a challenging modeling exercise for me .

with this wip, i hope to :

  • model the interior/exterior as good as i can with high level of detail.
  • achieve a pretty realistic outdoor render.
  • improve my 2D abilities (texturing) and Shading with Cycles.

nothing special for now, i started tracing the main shape :

here i started modeling the front part :

with a more reflective matcap :

I am counting on you to help me ;), peace.

One of the very few modern BWMs that I don’t have anything against. Nice start - the area between the wheel well and headlights seems a bit strange though.



ah, the master is at work again :slight_smile: Looks like a good start. How did you make the traced curves ? Did you trace a blueprint and moved the curves in place in 3d ? Looks like a very accurate way. I have also started a new WIP, a F40 ( I like those 80s cars). But its rather denty, afterwards i have to move single verts around and check every angle “by eye”. Is there a better way to get “organic” quads ?

i don’t really get what you mean ? ( a picture would help :slight_smile: )

I have not yet reached this level, the masters are professionals (like Oscar J), right now i don’t think i’m one of them yet, but one day, why not and thanks :).
for the traced curves, i just used vertices instead of curves, i find them more accurate and easier to control, that’s how i work :wink:

Hope this helps. Generally I think it’s good not to split surfaces that are supposed to be continuous until you’ve got the basic shapes of the car right.


i like to model every part separately from the beginning, and from references, you can see that it is separated without that line on top :

but i might be wrong, if so correct me :wink: and thanks for pointing me to the pinches , i think they are fixed now.
Made some more progress on the front part as well :

the wires :

it is getting a bit harder as i’m approaching the complex part, peace :).

Still, there is clearly a continuity between those panels IMO.

Progress looks good!

thanks, i’ll check for that :slight_smile:

Not my favorite BMW of all time, but so what? You will make it look good. (It is starting to grow on me a little though)
Nice start to the modelling.

thanks ctda :wink:

How about now ?, i thinks it fixed and flows well with the rest :eyebrowlift2::

(you can see it better with this Matcap):

I have made some progress, started the side part :

So, what do you say :confused: ?

Another one from you, can’t wait to see the outcome. Keep it up.

i’ll try to ;).

Okay, now the tricky part, i’ve started the rear wing, it not easy to get it as amooth as i want :spin:.

here is the wire :

i would appreciate any help, mainly right now :spin:, this is not an easy part, and i don’t want to comeback for the mesh, so please :p.


looking good. cant wait to see some renders. I need to get a move on with the last finnishing touches on my viper so I can have 2 finished cars and make a car modelers group in good conscience.

Thanks Thornton, renders have to wait, i like to work step by step (you should know that :rolleyes:), modeling then texturing…

Just a small update here :wink: :

that’s it for now, peace :).

LOL! I know it alright. All too well. Wont make me any less impatient!