BMW - Isetta 1960 with a background revised

This is the same car model with some little details changed…thanks to all for the comments.


Wow…now this is superb!!! :slight_smile: wonderfull job!!!

That’s great!

Thanks friend…

Hi, Can you show the mesh?

All mesh or something in particolar?

Great work! Love it. Windows could use a little dirt to match them to the rest of the car, but great work anyway.

Thanks…all Windows are a little bit dirty, but all these images have a low resolution so it’s not so easy see all details…

Looks better! How about a focus to the car?

Mesh from image -> isetta_front_open2_low.jpg

focus? do u think the camera shall be modified?

These are all the car shaders and materials used…


Good idea…so i can use your materials as example for my new project.

U are welcome!!!

as requested see some images from my model.


others images…

Great work.

Thanks friend!!!

Why u use the crease?