Bmw m1

Model by Mike Pan.
From the original scene I changed the floor, background and car body materials and redid the lighting also removed depth of field to give the car a sharp look.
Rendering in Blender 2.77
1440p 1000 samples


Not to be picky but what did you do exactly?
Cause your post gives no info.

Picky is good thats how we learn. :slight_smile: Updated.

Nice start; how about trying an HDRI background instead of the studio shot? Learn how to do shadows using alpha etc.

First time doing HDRI! :slight_smile:


Great lighting for the first time with hdri! This may be intentional if you are going for a chrome wrapped car, but most cars in real life are not so reflective? (the same could be said for the first one - could be more reflective, unless you were going for a matte look.)
Keep it up!