BMW M2i - Original Concept

Original BMW concept I call the M2i. Planning to marry the i8 and the M2, plus add my own flare to create yet another car that dosnt exsist. Rough renders for testing.


progress so far


back shot. now to design the interior.


looks like a “Future Concept” from the 90s, I really like it :smiley:
YOu can normally tell by the look of the front lights which “mood” the car has (agressive, sporty, etc.), in this case I’d say it looks a little bit annoyed ^^

Very nice modelling. Great stuffs.

Wow that looks awesome! May I ask what type of workflow you use for the car exterior? Poly modeling or Sculpting/Retopology?

it’s funny because i justed realized that lol. Using the half circle design from the i8 brings out this pissed off look almost. debating on whether to go to BMW’s more circular headlights.

@Simpo. Thanks much appreciated.


I actually end up using a bit of both. Poly for most of the model by shaping extruding and joining and then for some of the more organic curves I carefully sculpt it out. The outside is mostly poly, but as I’m working on the interior, I’m realizing sculpting achieves that more organic curves look you see in cars today. It’s my first time modeling an interior so we’ll see.

I model very differently from the videos I’ve seen. I start the model from a simple cube and extrude and shape the basic form of the car from a crude block with a low subdivision mod on. Essentially I’m “shaping” the car into the subsurf modifer all from one block. As time goes on, I bring in other shapes and fuze them together as needed to make a shape on the car or cut out a space. For example, the wheel well, I bring in a basic circle mesh, join to the car and align it in edit mode against the car mesh (while using a M2 car background template as a loose basic guide since i’m not modeling the original). I cut and delete the faces around the area where I’d like to fuze the circle and then start joining the vertices one by one to create the shape of the quarter panel.

Basically I create the main shape from the cube mesh by extrusion with a subsurf modifier and bring in shapes either to fuse to the body or use as a temporary cutting tool (boolean difference modifier). I cut the quarter panels (creating the lines) towards the end and use a solidify modifier before a subsurf modifier to create a thickness to the panels at the edge to create the look of two panels joining at a certain point. Very thin thickness, just enough to create the look of a realistic thick car panel. I always hate when concept cars don’t have panel lines to show how you would piece the car together (bumper, door, hood, etc).

More outside shots. Working on the inside now: M2i Concept by Lee Creative, on Flickr M2i Concept by Lee Creative, on Flickr M2i Concept by Lee Creative, on Flickr by Lee Creative, on Flickr

Wow that is a unique workflow. Thank you for sharing it! I’ve tried to concept a car once or twice but I tend never get the result I would like. I mainly sculpt a base and do retopology… But somehow my brain can’t wrap around making cars and vehicles it seems.

Good luck on the interior! Can’t wait to see what you do with the interior!

No problem! Honestly jumping into a concept car feels like half technical and have artistic since you’re modeling something that dosn’t exsist, yet at the same time we’ve come to expect a certain result as humans.

Like in your mind you know you may be basing something off of something popular and then you constantly have to ask yourself “ok what do I want to do to change this section, and then we that section. Like what looks cool”. That part is tricky, the improvisation. Vehicles to me are the hardest things to get started because of the curves: half mechanical and half organic. They flow into each other (or should) very naturally. Where to create sharp lines and blend them into soft lines on the body is one of the hardest parts, but looks so amazing in car design when pulled off right.

And honestly at this point I’m entirely self taught, so I’m learning the styles of 3D design skills still. I can only imagine what my future will be in auto design and what I really want to do once I’ve mastered sculpting :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your interest!

working on the interior. Will probably change materials a few times as it develops


testing shots in motion