Bmw m3 2014

Hi there!
I made this model something like 1 year ago but I had no time to set up a final scene. Until now :slight_smile:
It doesn’t look perfect but I believe I could better but there were only one problem… There was any blueprints, I had to make if from photos, so there can be some discrepancy between the render and the real car.
Everything(I mean the scene, lighting and all of the materials and both renders) took about 2 hours
This is just a raw render from blender with some effects added in compositor.

It looks so good and clean! Love it!

You did this with no blueprints at all?!?!?! O.O

Thats a great model, but, even though I’m no expert, I’d like to point out a few things about the render… Judging by the windows I see you used sharp lighting, however, the paint you used is satin-like with very diffuse reflections, which I know is a technique used in actual photographs, but IMO in this case it makes the glass look a bit off… By this I mean that it has a lot of contrast and maybe a is a bit too bright… However, to me, the main giveaway are the wheels, and I think its because of both materials and lighting, and in the first image the lack of the BMW logo.

Anyways, stunning job, and I’d rather not have you take my crits too seriously until someone with more experience/skill in rendering says anything about the matter…

Have a nice day!

@Impreza09 Thank you! your opinion is very helpful (at least more helpful than comments like “nice” or even “perfect. I’d fap to it all day long” :slight_smile: )
I’ll fix it soon. :slight_smile:

no words…all i have to say, has already been said by impreza09. the actual material of the body is perfect for mixing it with a glossy sharp shader, put a fresnel in the ratio node and the work is done! anyway i think that the satin finish is what you wanted, otherwise you wouldn’t post this in the “finished projct” section! really outstanding!

clean and pleasing to my eyes :slight_smile: only the paint is not my fav. :slight_smile: