Bmw m3 (e46)


I have about two other threads with WIP cars at the moment but I have taken breaks from both to model a BMW M3 (E46).

Below is current progress of the model, however I am going to delete the bonnet and restart it since I maffed it up completely. I am going for the full works, i.e. modelling the outside and inside in as much quality as I can force myself to create.


Looks good even so.

LOL I hear ya. Almost finished my car, although I am now noticing a part in test renders I’m doing that isn’t coming out right so likely need to remodel. :slight_smile:

Just a small update.

I remodelled the bonnet because it was way off from what it should’ve been, and it still isn’t perfect because I need to work out how to create the hump and vent.

New bonnet on left and old on the right.


Looking good; any chance of some wires?

Yeah I’ll post some wires tonight. I decided to stop with the body and randomly started modelling details, which I’ll probably end up keeping or deleting.

Here’s a screenshot of the wires.


Update: I have been concentrating on the side of the car and now I have moved onto the roof/pillars.


Still looking good.

Looks slightly off above the front wheel-arch; think it’s partly because of gow the crease/line finishes at the arch.