Bmw m3 (e92) - 2011

This car is still missing interior and couple smaller details (like tire texture, since this goodyear I used is from Blender guru tutorial of course :slight_smile: ), also there should be made some corrections on rear, but for now I’m done with it. Hope everything else finished so far is looking good.

If you are done with the project why is it posted in focused critiques? My two cents is that your edges along the wheel arcs and some other places are too sharp. Metal won’t bend and give you such a sharp edges, look at your photo references and soften some of those bevels up. I also think it would do the car some good if your were not doing a studio. Step it up a notch its a good model and I think it will look better in a nice setting either an HDRI or a modeled one

I’m done for now but planning to come back on it for doing interior and some corrections, like that bevels softening you pointed. Thanks for that suggestions.