BMW M3 E92 Cycles

This is my second car I have finished! I know there could be some improvements but I think it’s time to call it done. I hope you guys like it and critique is welcome!

I like it! Maybe it needed to be a little more photorealistic. Anyway nice :slight_smile:

it looks good…maybe try and spend a couple of weeks rendering the scene. Lots of people make nice models but don’t give it enough light or dont have an environment which credits the model. Still, i like it :smiley:

Thanks for the advice guys. Will work on the environment!

Modeling 4/5 but render… I was always look for settings and materials in google try the same thing.

The modeling is nice, maybe try to remodel the front “kidneys”, reduce the number of holes on the rims, i doubt they have 7 struts :smiley: And make the brake calipers larger as its an M3 :wink: