BMW M3 from Need For Speed Most Wanted (Blender Guru Competition)

Hi all!

Here is my latest WIP:
Its the BMW M3 GTO (2008) from NFS Most Wanted.
(maybe even a couple of Heavy Rhino SUV police vehicles :evilgrin:)

this is for the Blender Guru Competition.
C&C Welcome!

This is looking really good so far :smiley: I’ll be watching this thread!

Ok, so I’ve started texturing:

And a quick test render… (note that the lighting/compositing/backround for this is just temporary, and will undergo major tweaking as the artwork progresses…)


Looks great to me. I can’t see any problems with the textured render.

Any idea what your final scene is going to be for working this beauty of a car into?

@ Powerst:
I was thinking of doing a typical NFS chase scene in the city, with a bunch of cops in the background… However, I’m trying to keep an open mind, and I’ll just “roll with the punches” as they say :wink:

I’m not really digging the spoiler, but other then that it looks great!

@ Le Kreatif
I agree with you. the spoiler is actually really ugly compared with the rest of the car, but this is strictly a racing car, and the spoiler appears on all reference pics that I can find, so yeah :wink: (also, the spoiler is on the original car in NFS Most wanted.)

I’ll be posting update soon.

I’ve added scratch marks to the paint job, and cracks to the windshield.
also, I’ve begun working on the environment. I will soon begin working on the police vehicles.

C&C welcome!

looks good so far :slight_smile: keep it up.

looks really great! maybe the car paint is too much reflective imo…and try to find some pictures of broken car glass;)…this looks like a toy

@ ctdabomb
thanks man.

@ bohy
Thanks, I’ll work on the reflections, and find a better broken glass texture… :slight_smile:


I love this!! The cracks and scratches are amazing, as is the compositing. It is a little reflective…also there’s no driver! But all around I think it’s fantastic.

@ owldude
Thanks man! such positive feedback is really encouraging.
I toned down the reflectivity, and started ‘blocking out’ some police SUVs. C&C Welcome as always!


PS: I’m still looking for a suitable [cracked] glass texture, but for now that will have to do.


Here’s the latest:

-A driver for the BMW,

  • tweaking
  • background props

C&C welcome!


those rhinos…

Yeah well :wink: they are still a WIP, so I’ll be working on them.

Rhinos, Rhinos! We want Rhinos! :smiley:

(this is the finished rhino)

I’ll post update later.

ahhh. thats much better! that’s what i thought, that they were wip… maby just wasn’t in the mood then, sry.


I’ll post a full render when its done.:slight_smile:


If you have any cr*p, now is the time to fling it! :smiley: