BMW M3 Modelling

Some views of BMW M3 that I am modelling. Headlight Glass was a pain in the neck.

This is the first time I am making the car body in parts. But the problem that I am facing is alignment of parts.

Any suggestion would be great in regard to alignment of parts while modelling would be great.

Also comment on the modelling and suggestions if any.



I’m not sure what you mean by “allignment of parts,” care to explain further? Also, don’t forget the tail lights, unles you plan to texture those on.

Alignment as in the hood with bumper. Hood with headlights. Problem is as soon as you detach parts, they don’t align well.

Am planning to make the tail lights. I prefer not to texture any part so that I make every part of the car and improve upon my modelling skills.

Some more progress


Critics welcome :slight_smile:


wow, that looks awesome! i don’t know much about the different car models, but the mesh itself is amazing!

really cool :smiley: and the tires, wow!

the bmw-sign is missing :wink:
and you definitive need some other material for the glasses, especially for the windshield…

the model looks great, though :slight_smile:

Its a promising start. As far as aligning the panels, from my experience is always a pain. I find it is easier to model the vehicle as one object and slowly separating things out.

around the chrome grill, those extruded edges right infront of the grill itself looks to be a bit exaggeragted, I’d just move the chrome grill forward a bit. if possible.

The hood seems like you slacked on it to be honest. Its not really defined enough, but some creases and extra cutloops should help you.

One time I started modeling an m3 gtr, I’ve attached a quick .blend file of my hood so you could get some ideas for edge flow and wires.

Some wires would be nice to see of your current model.


hood.blend (160 KB)

Attached are the wires


Attached are the same