Bmw M4 G82

Hey there! are you all right?

This one is my last automotive lookdev study I did using Blender and Octane.

I tried to look for a very artistic aspect in this study, I didn’t focus that much on realism and gave a good contrast in the post, I got a lot of inspiration from the Sposito Studio images for this project.

You can check out the complete project on behance:

P.S.: Despite being a finished project, I accept any kind of criticism or feedback so I can improve my next projects.


Really nice work, lighting look impressive, it’s really hard to make good lighting with car, but that one is very nice, not so intense, the only thing is the tire, you should rework the tire texture, to look more grunge and shiny, and if possible to add some more reflection caustic on paint, otherwise nice mate!

Hey @kengi, thank you very much for the feedback.

And you’re right, one of the things I’ve been trying to improve and I know I have to pay more attention is the tires.

Yeah, not that simple to made good rubber tire, depend a lot of the scene and light, everytime changing, ayway i’ve send you in PM some materials to try it!


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