Bmw m5 f10 '12

May I present to you my current WIP project. It’s a wheel… :smiley:
Total working time for the wheel is about 2 hours so far but it’s not finished yet and still needs tweaked.


Nice wheel!

I recognise it; think my M6 has the same.

well i dont know how you do it
but its very detailed
love it

waiting for more :smiley:

I have a feeling the badge area on the front bumper is going to be a PITA, but I’ll have to see how it goes first. :RocknRoll:

Here’s an update on the front bumper…

The badge hole is too big and too close to the kidney grills, badge area is proving difficult but if I’ve just spent around 3-4 hours on this part alone I think I can get it sorted eventually. :smiley:


Very nice.

I see two potential issues though; I’ve circled 'em.

Wires would help /nod. :slight_smile:

It could be just the way light is reflecting with the camera angle, but it seems a little inconsistent taking into consideration the rest of the reflections along edges and where the panel changes shape and direction.

Another I didn’t circle as it’s only very faint and I missed it, is the cut-out near the badge I’ve circled, maybe diagonally across - maybe.

Showing wires is like Coca Cola revealing their secret recipe to the world, but here goes… :stuck_out_tongue:


More wires…


Great work
keep up

if you give me the blueprints I may work with you as a workshop

im in love in your wires <3

/nod :stuck_out_tongue:

Always like to look at wires.

  1. The vert and edge/vert may need tweaking slightly.

  2. I’d consider merging/joining the verts to give you a pole that isn’t quite so close to a sharp curve; it might help. Of course, I may be completely off in thinking it’s a problem. Or may just be moving it elsewhere.

Very nice and clean mesh. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it when I reach the it-looks-right-but-needs-tweaking stage, here’s a wire of the front wing. Not finished but I’ll probably fire some more edge loops in there to get it to be the shape I want. :spin:


Do you start with one part work it in detail then duplicate the edges and start the next part from there? You bevel before you finish modelling, man you got cohones. I usually chicken out with edge creasing but I saw some some 3dmax guys going with smoothing groups(edge splitting for us Blender heads) and that works too. The downside of beveling earlier is that if you notice some bumps or inaccuracies you will have to first undo you bevel than correct and re bevel.

You mean like this? (duplicating edges and using them to create the next part)

I bevel because I like to know what it looks like in the early stages. :RocknRoll: