Bmw m6 [blend availble]

I am taking break from modeling humans and all, I am currently working on three things at the moment a sculpt of the hulk which I have put on hold until I get a more powerful pc, a raptor (the dinosaur not the plane) this is a Wings 3D/Blender affair as soon as I have moved onto the Blender parts I will post here. And this my new wip thread a BMW M6

This is my work thus far but I could use lots of critiques to make it better, I have only attempted car modelling twice before this a porche 996 GT3 and a 1966 VW beetle and I never finished any of those models. I would love to finish this though. Am working on a scene to put the car in there won’t be any studio renders for this baby if I can help it, but just to be clear the scene I will work on in private.

So leave a comment and thanks for looking in



The modelling looks very clean.
Nice car too :slight_smile:
Good luck with your car!

very nice…

It looks good, but a perspective or/and clay would be nice. My only comment would be that the wheel arches arn’t totally correct compared to this sideview…

The arches arn’t totally smooth, having a sudden steeper angle on the front arch. The w. arch in the back has 2 such places. It’s nit picking on a otherwise really nice model :slight_smile:


Thats very very good.
Your lines are so perfect and smooth.

Any tips/info about your technique you can give???Please

@The_ikodn thinks for the critics. I will fix them and post someupdates soon and a perspective view, I don’t know about the clay render though I have never been able to pull that off well, so if anyone has a tut that would be most welcome

@GoodofBigThings most of what I have learnt I got from observing threads of guys like cinder, kroni and roger all better car modelers than myself. Kroni stuff is the best I am amazed at what he does with the few polys he uses check out the wires of his audi r8 there is a lot to be learnt from there. And practise get some car blueprints and knuckle down and do some modeling post a thread and get crits. Posting wips is the key to been a better modeler IMHO.

Here is an update of my work. I did some work on the wheel archs and some other edits, I still have some minor work to do on the wheel archs plus some changes to the way I modeled the front bumper ( I don’t know what this is called in other countries) I was comparing this to some photos and it seems I got it a bit wrong.

so come on than give us a crit and help me make this the best car I have ever modeled, while at least the exterior bits.




very nice
you have probably already said this but what renderer are you using

Some comments for stuff that was easier to spot on a perspective…

  1. Based on the images i could find of this model, the edge that comes from the bottom part of the bumper/intake and then goes up and intersects the bumper, needs to go up a bit more. That was the only thing I really noticed in regards to the bumper.

  2. It seems to be a gap here, but unevenness in the modelling doesn’t really show before you have a render. If the different part surfaces aren’t level to each other, the reflections won’t match in a render

  3. The sideview shows some gaps here and there.

Continue with the great work dude :slight_smile:


@The_ikodn thanks dude, always helps to have critics. Those things you critiqued on are pretty minor so I will fix them first chance I get, I appreciate the help.

@ionee, I have tried out many renderer but I like my biased renderers. I love renders that give me fast results and with extreme artistic control. I use currently either Aqsis with mosaic script, slowly trying to learn how to write Renderman shaders or Blender internal using the composisting nodes. This at the moment is simply Blender internal, I have some composisting nodes setup but that will be for the final scene render of the car. These renders are just A.O with area lights and simple diffuse materials with little specular reflectance. I got a noodle setup that kroni used on some of his renders so I might try that out.

keep it up

Well, your model is very high quality even this early in the process, so there wasn’t much more to comment on than minor things :wink: I’m looking forward to the continuation… :slight_smile:

here is a small update, did some small tweaking and started on the windows, oh jeez just noticed the floor of the car is out of aligment with the body I should tweak that next.



Please tell me how to render the solid wireframes like in the first post.
I got nothing from a video tutorial on it and the method i know renders very thick wires

you press wire in the cp.

yes, but those wires a ugly thick

hmm i don’t know then

@GodofBigthings here is a small Blend file to help you out. I used the same tutorial as you to render the wireframe so this and the tutorial should hopefully sort you out. The wireframe model is on the second layer and look for a material called wire, the settings to pay attention to are; z-transp, alpha and z-offset


wire_material.blend (350 KB)

I started some work on this again picking off where I left off, I just couldn’t resist doing a quick material test just some basic work on my shaders so that i can have something to tweak and work with.


The material needs some fresnel.
By the way the blend file you posted did the job for me, and i didn’t even say thanks.
Thanks a lot and sorry