Bmw m6

I’ve finally worked up my courage enough to try a car! While I’ve done a good bit of work rigging and shading cars, I’ve never actually modeled one from scratch. Combination of nerves about it and not sure of what car I really wanted to do. Finally decided that I can attempt it, and that the M6 is worth giving it a shot for. :wink:

Top view:

Front view wireframe:

Excuse the pretty messy edge flow atm, I’ll straighten things out a bit once I have more of the body details nailed down. Still, any help on topology is greatly appreciated. Like I said, I’ve never done a from-scratch car before.

Also, I haven’t done any serious work on the rear end yet. It matches the basic silhouette and little else. Wheels are placeholders too, ofc.

For your first car it’s really good.Well,my first ever attempt at car modelling I did a BMW M5 and it was so worse that I almost came to a situation where I quit Blender.You also told that you have not done a serious work on the rear and u will straighten things out.So once u become serious I am sure it will turn out to be really awesome.So all the best my friend.

btw:Is the first image a matcap?

Yes, first image is with a matcap. It’s kind of a tacky color, but at least it looks like car paint. Made a lot of improvements on the front end:

Chipping away at bit more. Sadly, I seem to have run out of all the low-hanging fruit of bits to model! (not looking forward to the license plate area and the door handles…). But the area I’m really and truly stumped on is the scooped out area along the side panel:

It’s CURVED along the bottom. I can’t think of any way to do this short of just using the knife tool and extruding in. Is there a better way I’m just not seeing? It doesn’t really work to lay a horizontal edge loop along it, it extends too far vertically for that.

When I was modelling mine, I fortunately had enough loopcuts that I could just line it up and move the vertices in. I had to make my model a little more high poly because of all the details and accents along the side, but its worth it in the end :smiley: Keep it up, its looking awesome