Bmw r60/5

Hello, i made a BMW R60/5, i hope you like it.


You’re #featured! :slight_smile:

Stunning model!

Why does the front tite material look that much different than the back tire. GLossiness or reflection seems to different.

I think its just the lighting, but it seems a bit weird thats true, but its definetly the same material. If you have some ideas for better tires i would like to hear them, because on every car and motorbike i made the tire material was the biggest problem.

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Lovely metals! (I work with metals all day, love them too) - Are the shadows on the ground consistent with the lighting direction? The shads indicate vertically above & to the front of the bike, the illumination at the side indicate the light is towards the viewer. This may have been deliberate to show the detail tho . . . Terrific work, (mildly envious)

Thank you,

The lighting is a hdr sphere rotated a bit. i just did that until ithought it looked cool, but the shadows should be concistend with the light.

b5_2 the first DOF image works the best for this great work all around but the DOF and angle really sells the image the most IMHO. awesome!

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Absolutely stunning! Beautiful work!!! Just fix the tire material and you’re all set.

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