BMW r75

See for yourself… It’s a 1937 BMW r75.

Please post comments, requests, critics or ideas here.

Sander “Roger” Wit

It’s looks almost as a real one. But maybe enable set smooth (edit mode) or subserve (also edit mode) might give the final touch. You might have to add more vertices when subserving. Are you going to add colors to your vehicle?

Hey Marcoscosci,

Yes perhaps I could do so but the origional purpose of the creation of this 1937 BMW is for a Battlefield Vietnam Mod called Fight for Victory. That’s why I have such a low count of poly’s (3900). The texture for this bike will be created by somebody else becouse I suck in it.

But perhaps you are right and so I’ll try to make it smoother and give it some colours.


Practice, practice and another time practice. I suck in it too, I don’t get anything better becuse I don’t practice.
I should practice too!

you can see the faces (wich isnt good) like he said up there set smooth or subsurf…otherwise looks awesome.

There’s no reason preventing you from making a low poly one for the game and high poly one for us. 8)

Needs set smooth on and textures, otherwise you have the basic modeling right.