BMW Rim Symbol bug

Hello blender community,

im writing because recently I started a school project on blender, which is for us to create a car on blender (mine’s BMW X6 Concept 2007) from the hood to the rims and everything else. My problem is, i’ve done the one rim, but now that I try to add the BMW’s logo to the rim, it is acting weird and my Engeneer doesn’t know what to do. I’ll post some screenshots.

Hope you can help me and tell me whats wrong :wink:

PS: I’ve also attached my blender file.

jante1 1 1 texturas 2nd try.blend (1.18 MB)

You’re getting the deformation of the circle caused by the subsurf modifier. When you unwrap you will see an option to use the Subsurf Data or select the outer edges of the circle and give them a crease value (Shift+E / 1)

dude, it worked like a charm… omg…