BMW RZ-M6 Concept

BMW RZ-M6 Concept based on this design
Rendered with Cycles

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4k Images!!!

HD Images

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Outstanding. Nothing to critique; personal preference is how much light reflects on the front wheel arch, but as that is personal opinion it can’t be a criticism.

Query on the mesh: do you seperate the individual panels, or keep it as one connected mesh?

As I am modeling I might have some parts connected initially, but the final result you see has multiple objects on multiple layers.
This helps to minimize clutter and makes navigation on the 3D window smoother as the computer doesn’t have to process as much information.

Think that was my mistake - amongst others - waiting too long to sperate parts out; perhaps I should have done it from the start.

I thought i’d update the “finished” thread with the new renders, so yeah, enjoy! (updated the first post)

Nice work DDD…very clean lines:) I’m not super familiar with the car as I’m sure you are now but it kinda looks like the hood bows up and seperates from the fenders, is that the correct shape there?

My only other thought is that I would love to see this thing in a scene like in the pits of a track at sunset. If I ever find some time I could whip one up for ya:P I always see these great cars and always whish I could place them in a scene…be hey I guess environment is where my mind goes hehe.

Keep up the great work man!

So this “finished” thread is by noway saying that the car is finished, cuz its not, there are many improvements that i see that i need to make, to both geometry, textuing and rendering. In fact this is the 3rd time that this is “finished”. The first time was asunset scene actually that I forgot to link to which was posted in the focused critique section, the second time was this original post, and now.

I would love to do an animation but i have no desire to wait for the darn thing to render and make my computer unusable. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you do possess an HDRI + Back-plate of a track at sunset, i’d love it if you’d hook me up.

That is very nice.

Added a Drift Scene to the 4K renders.

really awesome man :slight_smile:

An artists work is never done…
New 4k Render!


Looks great! A few minor points: in one of the pics that shows the tires, the tire tread seems to be backwards (simple fix). The gap between door and fender panels should be a little bit bigger. Same with gap spacing of the hood and trunk.