bmw series 5 (New Update: 7Dec06)

hi all , i’ve been working on this model for quite a while not continuously and i’m feeling desperate about it … do u think i should finish it ?

I would say try to finish it. What part of the process do you have trouble with ?

i have problem with the blueprints at the back of the car so i cant model it accuratly …

This one looks quite good

Great job, but there is only one thing strange:

Keep going…

yeah, go on! it looks good already!

blueprints are a problem, but you will find enough references to do it almost perfect :wink:
it’s hard, but it’s possible

so…keep on!

Sure you must finish it. It look very nice.

thanx for the replys guys , i’ll try to finished as i have so many unfinished things and i’ll post updates…

good decision

just a slight update

what do u think ?

Maybe it’s my screen, it look too dark for me.

Can we see the wire ?

here are the wires

C&C are welcomed

any replys??:confused:

Are this seperate parts? Or is it one big mesh?

I always get the ‘critic’ to work in seperate parts so that’s the only advice I can give you! (I still have to learn a lot myself, uc ;))

another update:

Are this seperate parts? Or is it one big mesh?

yea i’m working on seperate parts i just joined them to show the wire frames

wow very impressive, finish it for sure

hi all, i made a slight update mainly intended to test the material …
i know im working so slow but i’m so lazy …:o
plz give me some feedback guys

long time no progress and here we go again a new test render using indigo
i left it to render for about 8 h 40min :

C&C plz guyz …

yeah, its getting better and better, a few details like the mirrors would be nice

Very nice render dude…
You forgot to put mirrors…and the tire isn’t so realistic, put some detail on it…