BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics (or somethin' like that) WIP

Hei there!

This here is my first WIP thread, and hopefully I’ll get some feedback and come up with a perfect design!

The Vehicle in question is, well, this:

Here’s what I’ve managed so far:

Feedback, critique welcome!


OOoooohh nice. All the curves are looking nice. Only thing I see is the curve near the back wheel is a bit longer on your model, it’s more short on the reference:

Keep it up.

Thanks for pointing that out coolfield7! I changed the sides. The front grille I borrowed from the i8, cause it looks neater. More work going on on the rear and stuff, which I’ll mayb be ablee to post tomorrow. Until then, this will have to do:


Progress -
Added Disc Brakes (Used FuzzyPeachApple’s design), Rear lights, BMW logos in all the necessary places and loads of stuff I’ve forgotten since… All that’s left is them Rear View Mirrors (Yes, I’ve noticed that) and the ENTIRE interior. Oh well.