bmw vision

I struggle with this for a long time, as far backward looks front and center still in the process of doing. render cykles 2500 samples + DOF

That’s awsome! Simple and elegant design… still have work to do to the front of the car?

Btw, the reflection doesn’t resemble that of real cars, it feels like plastic, but it just works with your render.

Wow,it’s great.Is that a bmw i8 it sure looks like one or am I seeing things?.Great model once again.

the mesh looks brilliant, but the lighting seems too dark for a car review.
Btw polish register plate made my day :slight_smile:

Hello everyone thanks for the comments, probably stuck unless I made too many polys and the model does not want to smooth out, I tried to smoth, leptician smooth, sub surface and nothing is working, and it is not the fault of the textures. Each of these treatments makes the material becomes dull: (((it looks like I’ll have to start over beginning of modeling

You should probably recalculate the normals of your model. Shortcut is Ctrl+N. Good luck ///