BMW x6 Realistic rendering

hello Blender community , this is my thread for my BMW x6 , hope you like it critique and suggestions are welcomed :eyebrowlift2:


It’s a decent attempt but lacks attention to detail.

I hope my comments don’t come across as too harsh.

Clay renders in BI are much quicker to render, and are consequently a better image for studying details. They are also much easier to light. Wires are good too.

Not sure of the year you are modelling and subtle variations between them may negate one or two comments.

  1. Curves don’t match, and part of the window frame is not evenly aligned; more pronounced here but true of the whole frame, both with the body and the glass.

  2. Relates to number one.

  3. These parts here should all meet nicely; they have just a very thin divided line. The wing actually curves here, in two directions.

  4. The gap and shape where the two panels meet is wrong; this problem possibly persists, although it could also be the shape in realtion to camera angle.

  5. This is much more detailed - take a look at my M6, from the images of the x6 I’ve seen they seem to look the same.

  6. Similar to points 1 & 2 but it also looks slightly uneven especially around the area level with the side mirror.

  7. The door is not flush with the side panel and will cause serious issues with light and reflections.

  8. Much too sharp; there is more curvature and flow in this area; might be slightly uneven but hard to tell.

  9. Same as 8. It should also meet with the lower sill and match better; the two flow together somewhat.

  10. The whole length is uneven.

  11. Same as 10, and with regards to the sill same as 9; very uneven spacing.

  12. Same as the rear sill, too sharp; definitely uneven.

  13. The glass looks to be set back too far, and is also uneven. (I’d guess the same from what I can see of the rear light.)

  14. The reflector (I think that’s what it is) is unevenly surrounded; it should also be a narrower gap.

  15. The gap is much too wide; there also appears to be an issue with the corner of one panel fitting into the other, pinching perhaps, or geometry errors of some sort.

  16. Not numbered. The line running down the side level with the door handels may need to be sharper.

Many of the issues should have been fixed before going on to fine details as they are much harder to solve as poly count increases.

Your wheels and tyres seem to be good but hard to be sure. They are, however, a little angular; there should be a little rounding as the tires curves to meet the tyre rim.

hi thanks for the critics , I already started in shading it , but after seeing that , I think you are right about it ,
I would thank you for your time + your critics .
I’m not sure if I should fix those problems or just abandon this model and maybe start a new one , although it took a huge time to model

fix those problems are minor and it would take two to three days max to fix all that. you just need to look at a lot of pictures of this car than compare it to your model and fix whatever is off. If you restart this you are still going to make mistakes so why not just fix the ones you have now.

Agree with TM, don’t scrap it - you do have a good basic shape; learning to fix issues is an important part of modelling. Sometimes it’s easier to start a section again, but then one doesn’t learn how to fix - maybe do some of each.

If you like, upload a blend file and someone may demonstrate how they’d fix one or two of the issues. :slight_smile:

My first car, a mini, wasn’t bad; my second, an M5, was awful; I think Tyrant Monkey cried himself to sleep, it was so bad - but it was thanks to his crits I learnt - although I didn’t fix a lot of the issues - I did pay attention and move forward.

most problems are fixed :smiley:
here is a new render for this I used clay render , it was a good idea , although making another version for the internal render wasn’t an easy thing to do , cuz I must use deferent lighting , and thats causes problems when I need to do some tweaking , I was too lazy to think of using multiple scenes at the same file , any way that was my lesson for the day
the back may need some more tweaking too


for the reflector , while i was making this bmwx6 I notice that there are two versions (I’m not sure ) ,
as you can see in picture , the version I chose was n° 1 , which is more simpler , and I think its the most common , and for n°2 doing this detail will cause me to do a lot of changes as you can see I should change the front side and make holes near the rims place ,

and for the front light , I cant see any issue , cause I’m using an accurate blueprint , and it matches exactly ,and I looked in other references , maybe its due to the view angle

and for the wire render it will come soon


ah , I almost forgot , with the previous version of this BM , I did a render , and I thought it would be good if I upload it :smiley:


I’m just a noob, but in my opinion body is good enough, it’s the wheels that look a bit… toyish? Btw, awesome model.

another update from me , sorry for the slowness :stuck_out_tongue:
here is a simple wire render , a
and an other render with different color;)


A great improvement; looking very good.

Still might be one or two issues where I previously critiqued. I’d like to see a higher res render and with more cycles to be sure. An issue with the doors, as there is very slight light reflection issue where they join.

hi Its been a long time , okey , I’ll call this finished , cuz even if I tweak it for the rest of my life it wouldn’t be perfect , thats the hard part which I should decide ,
-as a gift here is my .BLEND file , you can play with it how you wish :

-maybe a better BMW (Z4 maybe) for the next project :slight_smile: