Bmw z4 (wip)

Nice! I probably will meet some difficulty making the lights.

I thought that too at first, but then it all kinda fell together. I probably didn’t use the most conservative method, but basically I would trace the rough outline of the casing of the light, and then, using pictures as references, started using some cylinders and what not, and just shaping them a bit to look like the reference images, and actually got a pretty decent result. :smiley:

Ok, I was experimenting with a different lighting setup, so this render is not as good in my opinion…I’ll probably re render it tonight. All the windows are done except for the back.

EDIT: The more I look at this, the more I hate this render, haha. I’ll probably switch back to my old lighting scheme for another one later, and then experiment when I’m done with windows and back trunk-light.


Ok, here’s a MUCH better render. Still not great, but it’s about the same quality as my previous ones. Sorry, that it’s so bright.


maybe it’s my screen, but I see a lot of white, which means over exposure and it undermines your otherwise excellent modelling effort.

read : blender art mag # 27 for some insight into your light stage , even for test renders you will see more shade/gradients in body :slight_smile:

yeah, I realized it was so bright and white. It wasn’t quite that bad in my other renders, but for some reason this one has been really overexposed. I’ve been looking for some lighting tips. Thanks for the link!

Alright, haven’t done much work in the last couple of months. Anyway, here is a nice new render. Much better lighting, very simple light setup, but it seemed to work rather well with AO. I used GIMP to blur some of the noise in the shadows so that they were softer.


Mirros: Check. No, they aren’t accurate, I kinda just made my own, because what I was originally trying to do wasn’t working. I’ll update this a little later after I render the back.


My first render using Yaf(a)Ray. Definitely room for improvement with lighting and such, but I’ll have to mess around with it another time. Anywho, here’s the rim.


Very nice man! Well done!

Thanks :slight_smile:

This yafaray render turned out a lot better. Full rim and tire (except the bmw logo in the center).


I must say, I am loving yafaray! :smiley: So, I’m getting real close to being done. I know there are mistakes here and there, and a few uneven surfaces, but I’m not going to worry about it too much this time around. I already know that throughout this modeling process I have made many mistakes, especially in some of the topology. I plan on making a new car soon, and I will hopefully do better with the number of polys haha. Still more updates to come.


Alright, basically all of the modeling is DONE. :smiley: There might be a few touch ups here and there, and some placement fixes, but other than that, I’m done messing with the meshes haha. This will probably be my last clay render. Next post will most likely be a full material/textured render. Hopefully. :wink:


Well, this is a little test render I threw together for materials. Not all too thrilled with the result, but modifications will be made.:yes:


i dont know who all is really watching this thread, but for anyone who sees this, i’d love some help with a good yafaray lighting setup for a car with materials to get good reflections and even lighting.

Hi man! I like the progress of the model! The tyres are really good! Well done. I will try to make some good studio renders and if they happen to be good i will post settings. :slight_smile:
Best regards! :slight_smile:

thanks man. i think the real issue with not getting good reflections is because i didn’t really work well with the subsurf. my meshes are most likely too dense. but i would still appreciate any settings you find useful :slight_smile: i’ll probably start on a new project soon as well. thanks!

If you really want even lighting, I would try a large emitting plane above the car, and two smaller ones 45 degrees to each side of the camera. That should look pretty even, although rather boring.