bmw Z4...

Hi All. It is my first post here. I have been “lurking” this forum for a few months, while trying to learn blender. I work in a games studio in Madrid. There we use mainly 3DS MAX, but at home, I wanted to try blender. I am quite impressed. I find it a very useful tool. So, here is my fisrt work with blender. It is blender internal. Critics and comments are welcome.

Omar P.

one word:
Very nice job and welcome to the BA-forums!
5 stars here

Really good work :slight_smile:



five stars…
is there any postpro on model?

welcome to the forums, nice entrance. :smiley:

Very nice job for your first post! Way to go with the car. Looks fantastic. 5 Stars!!


Its very good but a bit of postpro work to make the colouring more realistic and if you soften the car a bit, that would work wonders. It definatley doesn’t need a re-render at this point but its still not perfect.
Its too sharp and the quality of colours is better than the photo behind it.
4 stars.

Thanks for the comments. I agree that some blurring of the car could help a lot in the integration of the model with the background. I had a lot of problems with this image, in terms of integration because of the motion blur of the background, which is also post process generated. The original photo is camera mapped to a animated cube. The car is static, only the wheels are rotating very fast. Motion blur node works very well. All this makes the car stand out more than it should do. Soon I will post some wires and the node tree screen shots for you to comment on this.