Bmw z4

well i got a new computer and thought it’s time to start a new project. so i dicided to model a Z4 and i need to learn cycles and nodes so i need a model to use for some reason it crashes with my other car models. about 4 hours work so far i have some topology that needs fixing on the bonnet but i think it’s going ok.

update… ok fixed some of the topology and the front bumper is almost complete ill probably tighten up the gap between the bonnet and bumper near the wheel arch it’s a touch too big.

Do you know what year this model is? Because they change from year to year so make sure your references match your blueprints.

I think it is a bit dense right now. remove some edgeloops, it will make your modeling easier.

yeah it’s a 2009. alright ill try to cut down on edgeloops i think i can see one or two i could do away with at the minute, well not used to all these curves i usally pick cars with flatish panels.

coming together now it’s joined for the screenshots but i am modelling in patches. i may turn on sub-surf an improve it some then.and gone back to 2.57b for now until cycles becomes more stable.


Fix the topology on the headlights and the intake parts.
Actually take a closer look at your whole model and just fix all topology issues before you continue, cuz you have quite a bit of them and they are giving you too many edjeloops in some places.
Yeah just go back to the bumper and start correcting everything… i suggest to turn on subsurf too. I usually turn it off and on when i am modeling. I would do a paint over but for me they are soooo tedious (no tablet only mouse), maybe ill do one later.

You heard the man, now get fixing

lol, well i tried to cut down on edge loops i think it’s minimal now as i’ve cut out about 500 faces, now i think i will straighten thing’s up a little.

The quads should have about the same size, and be evenly spaced. Lower edge of headlight for example, separate those two verts.

alright ill do a complete retopo when i have more time this weekend.

well i decided to make a start on fixing it i got rid of most the details and trying to even things out. but is this going in the right direction?

Ok so here is a rough paint over for ya. Pay attention to your edge-flow (arrows).
Make sure you are modeling with a good reference image. I looked this one when i did the paint-over.

pardon the sloppiness, i am using a mouse… you might want to zoom in a bit :wink:


alright one thing though the bumper is one piece and the big yellow line doesn’t really follow the crease in the bumper it comes off the wheel arch like i have it already.

I see… you are right :slight_smile:
Thus we have demonstrated the value of using multiple reference images :slight_smile:

yeah the more images you look at the better some pics can have some details hidden in plain sight, and it looks like there are couple different styles on the side panel where the bmw badge goes from the same year.
done some fixing…

little update… still modelling though im leaving the holes in the mesh to fill in at a later date when i’ve finish the basic model :D, then i will refine the panel gaps and then give some thickness to them


ok im about done laying out the low poly mesh at just 1400 faces, just a few tweaks here and there and ill some details in there before i turn on sub surf :D, once the body is finished ill work on filling up holes with parts.


started to refine the front bumper and added headlight covers


I am modeling the same car at the moment, for a tutorial I should put out next year. So I have been looking at pics of this car like crazy, I have to ask are you doing the same. Because the are errors you would definitely pick up if you looked at lots of photos

well i’ve started again any way im trying a different method im going to model the whole lot in one piece and so far the topology is looking better than it was. the reason is i put it up on SMC and now trying that method. im just going off the blueprints for now until i reach the point when i seperate everything and shape the model using only references. i haven’t placed the bottom edge yet there’s more to add.