Bmw z4

Hey everyone,
I would like to preface this with a confession that I am indeed modelling this particular car after seeing Thomas Berglund’s thread. Of course, his is much, much better than mine, but hey, this is my first car so I gotta start somewhere :wink:
Surprisingly though, it took me around an hour or so to do the main body so I was pretty happy with that!
Any and all comments/tips are very welcome! :slight_smile:


looks sweet.

I’d suggest the solidify modifier, other than that good job.

Heres a quick update :slight_smile:

That’s a really good Model.
Lol the only thing i can model is coral.

Keep it up!

Haven’t updated this in a while, been working on a job for an architect but I’ve got time for this now :slight_smile:
Anyway, I was trying to model the grill but can’t seem to find a way to effectively model it :frowning:
Any ideas?

The top grille should be straight forward, “standard” modeling procedure.
As for the bottom, model one unit and array it horizontally then array it again vertically.
gd luck

Finally got around to modelling both grills :slight_smile:

Trying some materials :slight_smile:

Very nice job !
Otherwise, the reflection on the last pick seam very chaotic. Maybe you should try to low down the number of poly on flat surfaces ?

Nice :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see the final render. The model looks great, but I agree with Jacques on the reflections.

areas you should try and fix, red serious error, green semi serious, blue flow problems… compare the areas I have highlighted with photos of the car and than you model. You should see where you are off.

The question I always ask how many high res photos of this car do you have, if its under 50 than you need to collect more and than you need to systematically compare each section of the car you have modeled against a photo and fix it.

Blueprints are never enough to arrive at the correct surface curvature. The are usually just good for blocking in. I would consider this model blocked in but than you need to spend way more time with photos it make it more accurate.

Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

@tyrant monkey: Thanks heaps for the advice :slight_smile: I think I fixed the areas you highlighted, except for the door. Oh, and I did fix the side mirror but forgot to render it! :S

the front end just under the kidney grill looks a bit better but I would say you are about 60% of the way there on that area. the rest of the car I would say you are about 40% there. I will highlight some areas you should fix.

instead of highlighting dozens of area I thought one would be enough, because if you get this area right you can take the same principle and apply it to other problem areas.

Compare the area around the front wheel well with photos and blueprints and you will see that your version is bent in some places. you need to smooth those areas out until you can get as close as possible to a photo.

its just a lot of vertex pushing but try and get that area smooth and than post, but remember to compare with photos and really look if you are getting it right.