BMW Z8 - In need of assistance

Well, since blending cars seams to be the thing to do atm today I began a BMW Z8. This was done using blue prints from some site i cant remember, probably Anyways I really should have researched a few images of the BMW Z8 before i got this far, its a bit out in some places. Well im looking for some tips and C&C since this is my first car and first decent model.

BMW Z8 - Click here

Hey ! It’s good for a first car :slight_smile: The cap isn’t separate of the body.

I’ve always loved seeing cars in their wireframes… something about it makes them seem more safe… probably because they look like nets? I dunno…maybe I’m just babbling… good car for a first!!! can’t wait to see the rest!


Thanks, what cap?

Cheers zach.

Im really having trouble doing the panel seams. I can determine the best way to do it and which looks authentic. If you click here you will see that i have marked out the planel seems for the right side of the BMW. The second image shows a method i used to do the lights, which was make 3 extrusions and pull the middle one back into the interior. This worked nicely for the headlights but not for anything else. The model is one big mesh. How can I make some decent looking panels?

If possible can someone do a small tutorial? Unfortunately i have to have this car finished aswell as a motorcycle in 3 days.

You can use Pkey to separate your panels into separate meshes, then extrude their edges in a perpendicular direction, then use creases (shift-E) to control the subdiv mesh.

Ok well i have seperated the mesh into panel sections and extruded some not all. Click here to see Now im having trouble getting the panels to look as tho they are close together, i have highlighted areas in the render. I have tried moving some of the vertices closer together but with the subdivision it begins to overlay and get alittle messy. I also tried edge sharpness but that took away much of the panel seam.

Where to now?

hj, its coming along well! To get the corners sharp, you can use the “edge sharpness” (also known as vertex weighting or creases - although blender doesn’t do it on the vertex level - at least two must be selected) method, but you must also sharpen the corner edge that runs perpendicular to your panel (supposing that you’ve extruded at least the two edges of your panel in a perpendicular direction). Basically just play with shift-E on all edges that could effect the corner you’re trying to “sharpen” and see if you can get the desired results. Placing close edge loops often helps you control the contour of your panels. Do a search thru the WIP forum for other folks who’ve modeled cars and have shown their meshes, and you’ll get some good ideas. One good one was ToMmY’s excellent MR2 thread. Keep at it! its looking good!

Ok, well since I didnt have a great deal of time to complete this 1 - 2 days I have neglected this WIP topic, sorry bout that. Anyways ill let you in on why i had to rush this and hand it in not as complete as i would of liked. This BMW Z8 was basically a folio booster. Just yesterday I had a pre selection kit due in for a uni application for first year Bachelor of Arts - Multimedia. This kit consisted of upto 12 slides of my best works, reasons for applying and a storyboard. I had a feeling that I could turn this into something quite decent and really impress the Student Officer. Due to the schedule i was quite rushed and only got as far this this image i am about to post. Nevertheless I think it is quite decent considering i learnt 3d modelling during my spear time in my final year of high school. Anyways thats my excuse for the rushed effort.

Im still continuing this WIP thread because now that I have finished school i have a few days of nothing so i am deciding to fix up the little things and do some basic interior for an arts and visual communication exhibition at the school i just finished at.

At the moment I have noticed that the front number plate needs to be lower as its intersecting the crome thing. Secondly the head light black material needs to be fixed up as some of it is slightly out of place. The bmw logo needs to be fixed on the side and rims and also slightly more reflective. And finally I have some wierd checkered relfections on the rims. Im not sure what this is exactly but it may be my scene. Basically all it is, is lights camera and a white plane placed 10 units above the car. If you have any better suggestions for a scene or ways to correct this checkered pattern it would be much apprecaited.

If you can see any other flaws please let me know and ill try and fix it. Ill also post my questions about AO another time. Thanks.

Where are the windshield wipers?

The model looks very nice! I would like to see it in a better environment. It doesn’t have to be “realistic”, but something to cast shadows on… just a floor/wall thing would be good. This adds so much more depth to the model. For your “reflection” plane (above at 10 units) you might try to turn on a little emit in its material and see what that gets you… I’ve experimented some with this, and it makes the paint job look very glossy - if thats a look you’re going for… maybe not. :wink:

As to the model… there are still some minor appearance of “dents” or uneveness (ie: middle of roof above windshield) and the seams still look too large/wide in places. Also, your fender flares don’t look like they’re bent inward (how to explain…) they look like they’re just the sharp edge of the metal. Also, the chrome material is a little too white looking… maybe turn down the “refl” setting?

Coming along very well! keep it up!

I’ve actually driven a Z8. What a car.

Anyway, I really like the paint and lighting combo. You got the bonnet dead on, but the rear curves lack just a little bit of that “you know you want some”. Rims look too thick or simply have too sharp edges, iunno. Overall, coming together very nicely.

Looking nice! But please add something to reflect in that pretty chrome color :smiley: