Bmwx6 1000 samples update

Ok so here is another update of the bmw just trying to get everything just right. I rendered it at 1000 samples about 5 hours of render time the only tweeking i did in the compositer was for the headllights glow so critique plz and if there are any suggestions fire away.

Looks a lot better, but still has some of the same issues. At least now you can see that all of the layers in the previous render weren’t doing you any good :smiley:

First thing I noticed is the car is stood on ‘tiptoe’. :slight_smile: Car tyres flatten slightly, due to the weight of the car, when they are on the ground

There are a lot of geometry issues; the lights look boring, just two bright areas where each headlight should be.

It’s a good attempt at modelling but you needed to fix the geometry before spending so much time on your rendering.

Now I know you don’t have anything inside the car, but the windows could have been made more believable - see what I’ve done with my current project; it’s the first I’ve not done any interior for. Some very dark glass would work well.

I don’t see any windscreen wipers, although maybe they’re not visible from that angle?