BMX Bike

Well I’ve been suffering from Blender’s block for quite a few months, but felt the ‘urge’ to do something today/tonight. I present, a BMX bike. :smiley:

Okay, so I modelled it in Wings3D (my fav modelling app). Once that’s all done, the rigging, animation and rendering will of course be through trusty Blender :wink:

The wheels are temporary at present to give a sense of the ‘whole’. I’ve still got the rear brakes to model (this bike only has rear brakes, no front).

Obviously it’s lacking pedals and sprockets at the moment, and of course I’ll do the brake cables in Blender using curves.

C&C welcome naturally. :wink:


funny… i wouldnt let a pet monkey ride that thing as the wheels are gonna fall right off… course you mentioned that already…

Looks a bit long to me… =/

Think that’s simply the camera angle. I’ve been using reference pictures as backdrop guides, and the proportions are indeed correct. Can’t help it now, done far too much modelling with it. :rolleyes:

Hopefully I’ll get the brakes and wheels done today. :wink:

maybe u could add some pegs dude, that´l look good!:smiley: