BMX Bike

This is BMX bike i made a while ago, finally finished it and made some renders.

Your main cog needs a bit more detail.

The handle bars see m to just magicaly be held together. Not trying to be mean putting it that way but thats the only way i can explain it. There are no screws or bolts in the neck part.

Screw the criticism, i do not see any faults, i would be extremely pleased with yourself, keep up the great work Jedimaster :slight_smile:

lol Newbie Alert - “he is young…he will learn the ways of the forum”

I thought darkisdownz put his criticism very gently and it was a valid point to make a very good model even better

That’s a nice peice of artwork… and its only up close that i would point out the missing detail such as mentioned above…keep up that awesome work!

Ya, i put those close ups in for different perspective, I really didn’t model it to be seen that way :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyway, ill try to add some bolts and other things to make it even better