BNPR: New Resource for Fans of the Non-Photoreal

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for almost a year but better late than never: If you visit you’ll find my new pages dedicated to those interested in NPR (Non Photorealistic Rendering). The amount of content is limited at the moment but I want to get some feedback from folks using the site before I add more. I aim to add articles and tutorials focusing both on Blender and other Open Source projects that allow stylistic rendering. I’ll also post some Python snippets from my own tests of various NPR algorithms.

If anyone knows any more NPR resources that can be added to the links sidebar, please let me know.

Great start on that resource, flippyneck!

/me goes to read.

" to make the way that the image is generated as expressive as the image itself"

Well said. Don’t mind if I borrow this for my signature?

" to make the way that the image is generated as expressive as the image itself"

Well said. Don’t mind if I borrow this for my signature?

Be my guest.

There’s also Jot but I haven’t seen any change on their site in months, so it may be a dead project.

There are a few samples in the docs (but no gallery section) to look at.

Cartoon-style 3D is what I really want to get Blender to do if I ever figure it out so keep up the site! :slight_smile: I also hope there are improvements coming in Blender 2.40 for non-realistic rendering.

Awesome site, flippyneck. I will be a frequent visitor :-).



Good work flippyneck! This will be very helpful site.


thanx for the collection.
one question: how to navigate and put the model in the screen in freestyle with mouse?

Agent 86.5: Thanks, I’ll add a link to Jot to the sidebar.

Oyster: For me File > Open > *.3DS works, then navigate using leftmouse for rotate, rightmouse for pan and centremouse for zoom. Unfortunately Freestyle doesn’t seem to load .3DS files exported from Blender, only those supplied with the Freestyle download (in directory \freestyle-release\freestyle-1.0\data\models).

Everyone else: Thanks for checking the site out, glad you will find it useful.

thank you for the reply. I see what is the matter now: I put freestyle in a fold, which has a Chinese name, thus no model is loaded.

I have been following and doing NPR, but did not find some of these links. Thanks for the tips. Rob

Hey Flippneck,
The site is off to a great start.I’ve see lots of Npr sites for other apps,glad your opening the door for Blender3d.Can S2flender be added to this?

I have an idea about
since freestyle use python script, I believe it is possible to use in other application( eg blender) if we know what should be transfered to the fucntion. The only question is that we cannot feedback the processed image to blender, but we can save it to an image via PIL or imagemagick.
Just an idea and I don’t have the time currently, so it sould be very nice if someone can have a look.

cool resource flippyneck.

I couldn’t see a blender specific links section. Maybe you can consider these links a starting point …

… almost forgot this one!

Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ve made some additions to the links based on your input. RONIN, do you have links for the NPR sites for other software that you mentioned?

For lightwave an 3d max,but still good info.

Jennifer Lynn Hachigian site of any 3d celshading news.

Illustarte plug-in for 3d max.

LightWave celshader plug-ins (unReal) and gallery.(japan language)

Lightwave anime eye Specularity tut.

ehm, I saw the word “tut”. Does bnpr collect it? If so, a shameless self-AD :smiley:
you can download my tut @

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