Boarder Girl... knee bending/arm lifting...

Is there anyplace to download the .blend file for boarder girl?
Or does anyone know how the knees bending and arm lifting work while she is on her floating hoverboard thing. The arms seem to lift whenever she is turning… or when she’s floating.


I don’t think there is a blend file for that. But I’m sure that they use armature anitmation to get the knees and stuff to bend. As for getting the arm to lift is just a matter of assigning the action to a keyboard sensor. And the knees bending probably have somthing to do with a ray sensor or somthing. Hope this helps somewhat.

I remembered looking at the logic bricks of it. Found it on the web with a quick search:

By the way, there seems to be a collection of the NaN demos online there:

each limb is it’s own object and it is all python controlled

it may be somewhat possible with armatures, and possibly easier

you would need actions played I guess by property that affect different bones (you can play multiple actions at once)