[Boat]-[60 Minutes]

The King

The Queen
The Slave

tss, calling your own image ‘King’ :stuck_out_tongue: the proportions are really bad in yours Fly. Your ropes must be 3cm thick, though a 3mm metal piece would be sufficient. oke, your sail is way to think, so it must be heavy :stuck_out_tongue: The hull looks cool. So delete the sail etc, and add a steer :stuck_out_tongue: you’ve got a nice sloop then.

The queen’s boat in not bad. I see that you all have difficulties with water. (Fly didn’t dare to make water). I use a cloudmap and map it to raymir and nor. That does most of the effect. If you want tranparent water, use the fallof button, you can see the sky under the water (slave)! The sail is way too bright, and the slave’s sail too dark.

Slave: Are that 1/2 meter thick trees? They look huge with that small sail. They must be much lower in the water, about 1/4 above the water left.

So that was some heavy commenting, take it in your advantage, it’s not meant to flame your works, I know it’s only 60 min :wink: