Boat - hull planking add on or tools?

anyone has some tools or seen an addon to help do boat’s hull planking

I don’t mean a texture here more using a real plank mesh thick or plane
to follow a hull’s curvy shape

note: the major problem is too keep the plank width constant !

thanks for any feedback
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Yes, I would be interested in that as well. Haven’t yet found a great workflow for building a ship and planking its hull.

so i guess you haven’t model each plank and you want the texture to follow the shape of the hull? Have you tried to straighten the UV so that in the 3D view the planks follow the curve of the boat?

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the hull shape is 3D - gradient so skrinkwrap does not work

there might be a way to do it with some curve that you can edit then add
may be a curve bevel like a plank

not certain how this could be done with precision and keep a constant width and thickness for the plank added

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Hi! No, it’s really about having a model with each plank being a separate object (or the hull being the collection of separate objects). Just like in the real world where the planking defines the form the hull. At least that would be my intention.

I guess one of the problems is that in the real world the wooden planks deform quite a bit, so whatever is being used needs to subdivide the planks and deform it along the elements of the frame. Also in real world the parts of frame may get sanded a bit to make the planks fit organically. So modelling the frame accurately seems to be quite crucial in the process.


planks need to follow some 3D curvature shape
may be define with some curve path 3D
and plan must deform to follow it but keep constant width and thickness if possible
but in some case might need some manual tweeking i guess

it is not an easy task to do it with addon
just hope someone come up with some good idea to do it

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I could swear there was another reply by moonbots, I received a notification e-mail. I am confused… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smiley:

Just to clarify what I am thinking about:

Here I am starting out with the frame in place.

And here I have the planks in a way that every plank is an individual. It would be great if the workflow could be a bit more streamlined and controlled compared to what I have here. :wink:

exactly what i was describing

another problem not easy to see in these models
is that planks can be horizontal or not on the boat’s sides

and the hull can have a 3D gradient in Z Y Z so not easy to do manually
and keep constant plank’s width and thickness

if there was some script to help for that but how ?

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I completely misunderstood the question so I just deleted my answer :wink:

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It was very good input nevertheless! :wink:

Two ways to do this right off hand…Using Bezier curves and convert to mesh after the shape is constructed then Grid Fill between them works very well, also if you activate the Curve tools ( included) there is the Loft between two curves which is a closer function that is used to build the hull shapes…

Old Youtube showing the Gridfill Method…

also, there is the program FREESHIP…but you already have the curves so might not be useful to you…