Boat race

Just tell me what you think and how i can make it better :smiley:

Edit: Do you think that the motion blur works or not?


Most sports photographers follow the moving subject as they shoot the photograph, resulting in a clear image of the subject, and blur around them. In the case of a dory race, I’m not sure the boats would be moving fast enough to blur at all. I don’t think it’s working, it would be a better image without the motion blur.

great water!

ok, i’ll get rid of the motion blur (should save a lot on render time :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s a great image, but I agree with Ornioco on the motion blur. Also, it seems that only the boat in the foreground is being tilted by the wind. See about tilting the other boats.

That’s actually realistic, Elesmerik. When you sail a boat that size, small gusts of wind can cause one boat to heel while others nearby are unaffected. The lead boat has caught a gust and is taking full advantage of it. And the waves are choppy, which indicates that the wind is uneven. The boat in the background, though, should probably let his sail out more. He hasn’t rounded the marker bouy yet, so he’s sailing with the wind. He’d go faster with more sail sticking out to catch more wind. On the other hand, he is loosing the race.

Just finished rendering it without motion blur.


Love the water man and the modeling. Most of it really. Do you have Ambient Occlusion turned on? I think if you did some lighting adjustments it would help some. Looks sweet, keep it up.

no, i dont have AO on. I’ll see what i can do with the lighting.

Very nice image, the water is perfect. Its much better without the motion blur.

A few proposals:
Maybe you should modify the DOF to allow some more detail in the second boat?
Maybe add some more details like ropes and such?
The sky is clear blue with a few scattered clouds, but looking at the boats I can’t get the feeling of an intensive sun light hitting the white surfaces. In open sea I’d expect the sun to show a lot of intensity. So maybe increase contrasts?

/ Mats

I’ve added more ropes on to the front boat (the Vang and the outhall) and increased the contrast like Mats suggested.


Nice good improvement. Keep it up

Yes, much better.

/ Mats

That looks great! I think you need a better sky image, though. The perspective is a bit off. Find one where the clouds extend into the horizon so you can better feel the vast open space that they’re in (use the sky from an image of ocean). You might also want to make the sails a much more brighter white and varied in their design. It looks great, though. The hard part is already done, it just needs detail work. Think of each racer as a member of a different team (or whatever) so, each one should be more visually distinct.

That young woman’s hair must have a lot of hairspray in it…

I’d make dup real and model the hair a little bit more to bend with the wind and the motion of the boat…

Very nice!

I like the water splashing up by the boat, very nice. I agree with Duoas, the hair should be “flowing” in the wind. other than that, nice scene!

Alright, i’m going on a weeks holiday today, but when i get back i’ll see what i can do about the hair :p. The sails on boats of the same class are almost identical as they have standard designs but I will try and make them reflect a bit more light. I’ll also play around with the sky.

Oh sweet! This looks neato

the water is good, but it somehow doesn’t look like it is the middle of the ocean…
dunno why, otherwise it looks great!

I like it, great job!