A fast-ish boat of some sort, this is really a bit more of a test, although i will do a final render of it, the boats actually for another scene.

Few things need to happen for both scenes, Boat needs a bit more detail and maybe some texturing although not too much as it’s meant to be a quite clean looking design.
I also need to do something about the canopy which looks a bit rubbish, is it possible to keep it opaque and make it look much better or should i just model a basic interior?

The spray coming from the boat is the biggest issue as it’s a bit weedy at the moment, although it’s 20000 particles.
I’ve tried it with 100000, which is about the limit of this computer, and it is somewhat better, but still not exactly the ferocious spray i was after, so any ideas there would be appreciated.

Any and all other critique welcome, i’m not kidding myself into thinking i have much artisticness, i have a reasonable amount of experience making singular models, but I’ve as yet not done a complete scene or render, so i do need all the help i can get.

I’ve also attached a sketch of the idea of the final scene, basically sailing vs powerboat, but with a hurricane for help.

edit dunno why the thumbnails aren’t working, but seems to work if you click on them.