Boats reflected on water

Simple image and lighting but I think the reflections worked quite well
inspired by a picture by Duncan Macgregor

Nice simulation. You should give the boats a little balance too. This would make the scene a bit more real. Thanks.

was this done with the blender render?

Yes this was done with the blender internal render engine.
I think I may come back to this one day with more realistic boats and maybe try another renderer

wow, this is very good indeed. Any tip on how to accomplish that?

The Water is a simple plane with a clouds texture mapped to the normal and the Ray mirror set high.
The textures OfsetX and Y are animated with key frames(i) from 0 to 1 (I animated the ofset over the course of about 1000 frames to keep it nice and slow and also made the Curves linear using the IPO editor on the Materials and set the Curve- interpolation - Linear)

As its a night scene with only one light, I could get away with one texture and only mapped the normals but if it was a day scene you should probably use several different cloud textures and animate the OfsetX and Y in different directions and also map to the color and transparency as well.

The boats where very simple (and innacurate) impressions of a boat, duplicated 3 times

The sails - I initally used the cloth simulator on a mesh triangle to get a nice-ish shape. Applied the cloth at a frame I liked and then scuplted the result to make it a bit more realistic.

The Water took about 1 minute to do, the boats and sails took about 1 hour and I rendered it overnight

I really liked that. reminded me a bit of the inlets downs in florida, the water seemed to move that way.

hmm it is compulsory:)

Thanks so much for your explanations, very clear. I will grab some of your techniques !