Boats, sunset, seagulls, etc

Hello everyone! This is the second scene I’ve ever made in Blender (or any modelling software for that matter). My first was a mushroom house thing which I posted here about a year and a half ago I think, probably under a different nick. Now I’ve made this one and I’d like some comments on it… and no, it didn’t take a year and a half to make. :wink:

The sky looks much smoother within Blender; I don’t know why the JPG gets such an ugly gradient.

Any comments are welcome… anything. Thanks.

//Thomas Andersson, Sweden

Very nice and soothing to look at. Right now the boat doesn’t look like it’s actually in the water. Try adding some subtle ripples near the boat. The reflection of the sun on the water looks great. Try making a more detailed sky with better clouds and such. Also the boat looks a little dark, try lightening it up a bit so we can see the details.

Thanks for sharing your work.

I like it!
Woooonderful colors, you are great in putting them together…
And that orange reflection on the sail…
Keep it on. I agree for the boat that seem a bit in the air, but i don’t see anything else to change. It’ simply poetry.

not realistic… but what is! :smiley: I really like the coloring make me feel wormth or what ever u spell it :smiley:

one thing thoug, maybe more detail on the water? maybe another bump map?

but KUTGW dude :smiley:

nice pic, except the water looks a bit plastic-like and the clouds near the setting sun look a bit weird.

This is very good, I like it. As others have said the boat doesnt look like it is interacting with the water in the right way. It may be the part that is under the water is not distorted in the right way. The boat should also throw a long shadow on the water because the sun is so low down.

Thanks a lot for the comments! Obviously I’m not aiming for realism, but flaws that are too obvious may still deprive a scene of its mood. I’m currently experimenting with a shadow for the boat… I’m using a spotlight with the “shadow only” setting; how come it still illuminates the sail if I aim it in certain directions? Weird.

Also I’ve put a seagull on a pole in the foreground, in silhouette… I’ll post it when I’ve made some progress.

i think u shud add alittle more hardness to the water too to make it look more… wetish… kinda…