Bob&Bobb - short animation done by 1 amateur and 2 people with 0 3D experience

We know there are alot of flaws in this movie but we only had a really short period to make this so please don’t flame us for that :slight_smile:

This was a project for ICT, I made it with 2 classmates who had 0 experience with 3D. So I had to teach them everything and make the video in less than 2 months. So I hope you like it

All the animation and models were done by us except the city, the city has been made with the suicidator city engine.
The video has been entirely made in Blender, I only put the different shots after each other in After effects.

watch in HD!


For a group of 3 people with not a lot of experience with Blender, it’s impressive, I liked the use of water and drawn UV textures.

Nice use of Portal cake song, does that mean there will be a second animation now that Portal 2 isn’t so far off :slight_smile:

those textures were trippy:eek:

haha actually that was the reason I used the song, I saw the trailer and thought damn the Portal song fits perfectly for this animation :slight_smile: