bob the turtle WIP

here’s a little cartoony turtle im workin on

critiques welcome

Head looks too square.

edge is too sharpe. Is more curved. try extruding the edges back in the hole(the holes of the heat and the harms in the carapce). I assume you work in subsurf

yeah subsurf is my thing. ill do that and post a new image up soon !

yah… the head is a bit too square.

also, i think that the head should be further out away from the shell (make a longer neck)

nice start…


Wow, that’s great. I love the style, but I agree the haed is just a bit too square. But keep up the good work! :smiley:

here’s a little bit of a fix, i changed a color or 2 just for better vis. did the little extrusion/tucking in of the arm,leg, and head holes

needs OSA and eyes.
good work so far!

thanks for the great comments guys ! im gonna hafta learn uv mapping for this one…but thanks to modrons thread i shouldn’t have a problem…ill get to that soon(sadly i have to work tonight tho…bleh) but anyways, more updates soon !!!

It reminds me of what lemmy’s avatar was for a while.

lol, yeah I thought of that too. :slight_smile:

Hey nehpets, are you going to texture or model the shell details(forgot the name…)? Could you post a wire? I’m trying to do shell-like structure…:wink:

hey, i would love to…but i forgot how to get a wire in the render…help me out and i would be glad to put one up !!!

In the material settings(F5), there’s a button labeled “wire”; it’s above of the RGB, next to “Full OSA”…hope that helped.