Boba Fett in the Church

This is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done because it mixes two things that are totally different:
The church of Light By Tadao Ando (ArchViz) and the Boba Fett Helmet(Star Wars Character).

The reason for doing this is because I enrolled in the Joni Mercado Contest called “Out of context”. I was struggling to think of a perfect idea to turn the Out of context phrase into a project, so I had two different ideas for my next project, one of my favorites building when I was an Architectural Student or something more popular like Boba Fett, then I realized That I had to mix them and the contest was a perfect opportunity to do it. So after some work, this is the result, and I’m very happy to have it in my portfolio.

Thanks you all for everything :slight_smile: <3

PD: My cousin said: “What’s doing a giant Helmet into that Church?” so I thought, The project works :).


Very nice renderings. That said if in one of the views you had focused on a human scaled helmet on one of the pews “Boba Fett was here” or on the altar “Boba Fett’s church” might have been a more understandable and intriguing story IMHO.

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Thanks for giving me your point of view. In fact, I thought of making it on a human scale, but the contest I made this model for was called “Out of context” so I thought of an object totally out of scale. That’s the main reason, but yeah you’re right too :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hi BarTV it is always a pleasure for me to be feature by BlenderNation, Thanks so much <3 I really appreciate it, my best wish to you, regards!

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Nice project! Good luck with the contest!

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Thanks Joni!! <3

Yeah, all of this is very nice.

I was always a bit intrigued with what the costume designers did for Boba, because his helmet design is a direct throw-back to Renaissance-era armor.

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That’s a cool point of view, maybe they are not disconnected at all. Maybe the artists were inspired by that Renaissance-era, who knows? Thanks so much. <3

I will always remember this piece. Such an interesting and strange image. And well-made!

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Thanks Boder, I really appreciate your words, They inspire me to continue creating this stuff <3